Natures Medicine Cabinet, these 10 Essential Oil’s and Blends are the “Feel Better” essentials we need on a daily basis to care for our families.  No matter what you are struggling with, these 10 can become your go to oils!

Frankincense – Featured on top because it is one of the most precious EO’s of the Ancient World – When in doubt, use Frankincense! Helps build & maintain a healthy immune system, promotes cellular health, reduces the appearance of scars & stretch marks.

Lavender – Can help Calm Anxiousness & Soothe Emotions. Soothes Skin Irritations, Helps skin recover quickly, Eases muscle tension in the head & neck

Lemon – Known as a powerful aromatic & internal cleanser, cleanses the air & uplifts mood, can be used throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaner

Peppermint – A top selling favorite, it provides a myriad of health benefits. Promotes healthy respiratory function & clear breathing, Alleviates stomach upset, Frequently used in toothpaste & chewing gum for oral health

Melaleuca – More commonly called “Tea Tree”, it has 90 different compounds & limitless applications. Renowned for its Cleansing & Rejuvenating effect on the skin, Promotes healthy immune function, Protects against environmental & seasonal threats.

Oregano – Used by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, it has many traditional & modern uses. Used as a cleaning agent, & respiratory function, Excellent source of Phenolic Acids & Flavonoids-Powerful Antioxidants

Soothing Blend – Provides relief for Sore Muscles & Joints that can be felt almost immediately

Respiratory Blend – Helps you breathe easier & maintains clear airways, support overall respiratory health

Digestive Blend – Soothes occasional stomach upset, aids in the digestion of foods, & maintains a healthy gastrointestinal tract

Protective Blend – Formulated to support healthy immune function, protects against environmental and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system.

Are you as Excited as I am about the Wonderful Benefits there are to using these Amazing Gifts of the Earth?  One drop is all that is needed to achieve a powerful benefit!

Sometimes people, especially children will have Skin Sensitivity Issues.  Most Oil Companies will label the EO’s and blends with the following:

N Neat-means it can be used topically with no dilution
S Sensitive – Dilute for young or sensitive skin
D Dilute – Dilute before using topically

Make sure you check out my Essential Oil Safety Tips before you use your Essential Oils!

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and what works for one person may not work for another.  These books are so very helpful in figuring out what might work for you.  I like using my Essential Oil Reference books and cross referencing them with each other to look up many Health Conditions and Remedies. (Message me to explore what books I recommend.)

I also love researching on Pinterest what other people have tried.  Sometimes the best recommendations come in the “leave a comment” section on the numerous blog site’s that post to Pinterest!

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Surround YourSelf with Healthy  thVXW08FIZand Learn to Heal Your Life

Naturally and Powerfully!

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