glass-of-waterThe psychology behind cold water’s appeal to our body

Cold water is a very healthy hydrant by itself – the stomach easily absorbs it. Cold water is useful to bring down your body temperature after a heavy workout session. The benefits of cold water are especially felt after a hot day in the sun. Cold water efficiently replaces fluids lost through breathing, sweating and urination. It is recommended to drink cold water because it is absorbed into the body from the intestinal tract faster. You’ll probably end up drinking more water because it tastes better. Drinking cold water on a hot day also helps your perception of cooling down as the cold water enters your throat and stomach. It also has been said that colder fluids leave the stomach more quickly and result in faster re-hydration. It is recommended that drinking water after a meal may help with digestion to help break down the foods with your digestive juices.

Water is the Best Drink for Health

Doctors have always stressed on the fact to keep hydrated water is the best option for your health. When you traditionally follow the eight to ten glass water rule, it’s best to consume waDaily water chartter every hour of the day. Cold water becomes a good option to not only quench your thirst, but to also cool you down, especially if you reside in hot places or just generally perspire a lot. When you feel all heated up and dehydrated after a heavy workout or an intense cardio session, it’s best to drink some cold water. It helps bring down your body temperature immediately. Drinking plenty of water ensures low levels of constipation.

Health Benefits of Drinking Cold WaterDrink More Water

So what are the health benefits of drinking cold water? While most of us already know the health benefits of drinking water what few realize is there are health benefits to drinking cold water. One health benefit of cold water is its ability to help you lose weight and burn calories. It has been medically proven that your body tends to burn more energy, when cold water is being consumed. Calories are burned when your body has to heat up the water to normal body temperature. By drinking cold water your metabolism is increased. The amount of calories your body burns to heat up one glass of ice cold water is minimal. However, this can add up if you drink multiple glasses of ice-cold water throughout the day.