Transforming my Family’s health care practices did not happen overnight.  It took me a long time to trust that Essential Oils are a safe, natural alternative to traditional store bought remedies.

But today? My family’s health has been transformed. What happened? I tried a line of essential oils that not just made claims of wellness, but delivered.

Our modern healthcare system is broken…

Did you know…

  • A whopping $45 trillion per year is spent on health care world-wide, yet our culture is sicker than ever.
  • The USA is one of the biggest spenders on the entire globe when it comes to healthcare, yet it ranks 37th on the list of the world’s best healthcare systems.
  • Between 800,000 to 15.67 million people die EVERY year in the US from modern medical care.

oil bottle

Enter Essential Oils

It’s hard to deny the power of plants, and humans have been using plants for wellness for thousands and thousands of years.

Ever peeled an orange and gotten the oil from the rind on your fingers? That is an essential oil. They may not look like much, but these essential oils are powerful and have a mind-boggling array of uses.

Different essential oils have been shown to soothe emotional issues, aid the body in healing itself, and provide families all over the world with natural alternatives.

Essential Oils Have Changed My Life…

I use essential oils on a daily basis in every area of my home.  I feel empowered with the tools and knowledge to care for my family.  My Family accesses my EO box constantly.  It is our go to resource for so many of our everyday health issues!

 They Can Change Yours Too!

I started using these oils 2 years ago, and like I said, I’ve seen a big difference. I have spent hours looking at different oil companies, and time and time again, I keep coming back to this brand.

  • They do stringent, 3rd party testing on each batch
  • Source from native plant habitats where they grow the most therapeutically with sustainable, pesticide free, beyond organic standards
  • Provide a living wage and meet the needs of their growers and workers.
  • They practice integrity, something that’s increasingly hard to find in the corporate world.
  • Provide pure, unadulterated, undiluted, super potent oils. Take a whiff of your local health food store brand and you can smell the difference!

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 So What is This Company?

I would love to tell you right here, I really would, but unfortunately the FDA doesn’t like that idea. In fact, if I specifically told you how these oil have helped my family and others be well, I’d be committing a crime.

Yep, you read that right. We live in a country where it’s legal to put a poisonous neurotoxin in the city water supply, without your consent, but illegal for me to tell you what essential oil company can help your family. No, really.

There is a catch though. I am allowed to tell you about which company I highly recommend if I email you the information. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. You can enter your email address at the link below and instantly get an email from me on how you can get started using these essential oils.

  • My favorite essential oils for wellness and how to use them
  • How to replace your toxic bodycare products with natural essential oils
  • Exclusive recipes, including my favorite blend to support memory and focus
  • How you can get a 400 page essential oils guidebook from me for FREE!

Want Some Help Getting Started with Essential Oils?

I absolutely love having a good conversation about essential oils. I enjoy seeing a positive change as those around me become empowered to support their family’s health. I’ve been so excited by the results I’ve seen, that I want others to see results too. I’m all about support!  Join me and you’ll have access to:

  • Our private team training website–it’s packed full of videos, trainings, downloads, and more.
  • Our private Facebook support groups. Have a question? This is the place to ask!
  • Our monthly team calls, webinars, and trainings. 


Essential oils should only be used in equipment designed for essential oils, glass or stainless steel work best.  Do not use in a plastic water bottle.  Essential oils are designed to pull out impurities.   when you put them in a plastic container, the oil can break down the plastic, which you would in turn be ingesting. YUCK!  You should also not put Essential Oils in a CPAP machine or other breathing device or humidifier. Oil can degrade plastic equipment and there may be health concerns with prolonged exposure to essential oils.

I’m a “Mompreneur” and a doTerra Wellness Advocate.   I have a team that is growing and thriving.  I want to help others to do the same thing.  If you are interested in helping others and in creating an additional (or primary) income, let’s chat.  I’m not pushy or aggressive.  In fact, you have to WANT this.  I don’t think it’s hard but you do have to put forth effort and be willing to grow.  If you have a heart for others, you can do this.   It’s pretty simple, and I would love to help you along this journey to wellness!

Surround YourSelf with Healthy and thVXW08FIZLearn to Heal Your Life Naturally and Powerfully!

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